How to Feel Good and be Stress-Free

Posted by admin | On: Aug 26 2011

stress freeHaving the knowledge to feel good about yourself allows you to truly appreciate your inner being.  There are several steps that you can follow for you to be able to feel good about yourself.

Follow these 12 Steps to Feel Good about Yourself..

1. Do what is right. It is easy to feel good about yourself if you are confident of what you did. Practice the virtues which are the foundation of any psychological growth.

2. Look after an achievement. Do things that will gain you success. You tend to be mindful of everything that you do allowing you to take initiative.

3. Love. Practice love to everyone. Not exactly you have to make love to everyone but show your loving kindness to everyone especially to the neutral and difficult people. Love defies the feeling of loneliness and shame.

4. Spend some time with yourself to increase the sense of your own being. Try to meditate and relax and try to feel awaken, benign, and contented. Do ground exercises like yoga, or spend some time with nature. Take a deep breath and a moment of silence.

feel good about yourself5. Relax yourself. Being human isn’t being perfect. Try not to rush yourself to be perfect all the time. Be comfortable with your own without trying to stress yourself further by making yourself perfect.

6. Accept the reality of yourself. Everyone is unique and beautiful in different ways. Try not to change those things that are unchangeable and that will only give you pain. Accept everything that you have and improve it. Many who are not satisfied with their own self often end up frustrated.

7.   Accept that you are in the four natural, unavoidable stages of learning and getting better at anything: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence. The hardest stage is the second stage – conscious incompetence. In this stage, more people tend to give up and are even prone to quit. But if you proceed and continue growing to competence, then you will be able to support and recognize your sense of worth.

8. Be sociable. Connect with the people around you; your family, friends, and even animal companions. Reach out to people, donate to charities, be nice to strangers etc. This will give you the feeling of closeness to everyone; eradicating the feelings of being alone.

9. Exercise your talents. Expressing your talents is one of the best ways to raise your confidence.

how to get rid of stress10. Keep a tab of your accomplishments and good deeds after each day. Have a brief inventory before you hit the sack. Ask yourself these questions: What did I get better today? How did I act with good character? In what ways did I help others? Answering these questions in your mind gives you a wider understanding of what you are going to do next morning.

11. Be fair in your judgments. You want others to judge you fairly. And so do judge them fairly.

12. Spend more time with the people who likes you. A supportive environment is necessary for you to feel good about yourself as well as for you to learn how to get in touch with others.

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