How to Develop a Positive Attitude

Posted by admin | On: Aug 25 2011

have a positive attitudeDo you have a hard time trying to develop a positive attitude? Developing a positive attitude may take a while. It may require you a lot of your patience, time, and a great deal of effort. But figuring out where to start and how to do it is the first hurdle that you have to undertake.

Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude


Positive attitude is not only a state of mind but also can affect your state in the society as well. So what do you gain just by having a positive attitude?


1. You gain more friends and have better relationships. Having a positive attitude towards people allows you to gain trust and confidence as the same time. You also have a better understanding of one’s self or your partner (if you’re in a relationship).


2. Problems became opportunities. Having a positive attitude gives you a broader and wider perspective of the things that are happening around you. You think of it as a challenge rather than a problem; opportunities to better yourself. Challenges make life more interesting and that’s why having a positive attitude works even well in tough situations. It is also easier to devise solutions to the problem as you see every problem workable and solvable.


3. Better Health. If you are keeping a positive attitude, health follows positively as well. Projecting a positive mind allows your body togo on with the flow.  It is easy to keep a tab on your health of you don’t have any problems to think about.


4. Do more. Having a positive attitude allows you to overcome limits. Your mind doesn’t have to think about boundaries if you think to yourself that you can do more. You stop at nothing if you really want to achieve something. Being positive gives you even more confidence about yourself and thus reflect on the things that you are doing.


5. Experience more success. Successful people are positive people.  If you want to achieve your goals, you have to persevere and maintain a positive thinking. If you are particular with the Law of Attraction, then it is easy for you to understand its meaning. Everything starts with the mind. Positive attracts positive; like attracts like.

success and failure


These are mainly the benefits of having a positive mind. But getting positivity in your system consists of motivation, time, and commitment which are not that easy to provide. However, getting a positive attitude can be done slowly and gradually. All you have to do is to train your subconscious mind, repeat and make it a habit, and eventually, it will take over in a matter of time. You will be able to think positively without you making any effort.


Learning to have a positive attitude is like learning how to drive a car for the first time. First, you need to focus in watching your lane, control your steering wheel, turn signals, and do most of the things at a time. But as you keep it day by day, making everything a habit; driving gets easier.  Works the same way as developing a positive attitude. It takes time but you won’t have to make a big deal out of it once it is in your system.

How to Have a Positive Attitude?


As I said, getting a positive attitude can be done slowly and systematically. But first, you have to commit yourself in doing these steps for these to work.


1. Keep a daily gratitude journal. Being thankful for everything that you have is one of the most important traits that you need to acquire in order for you to have a positive way of thinking. In even more simple terms, just think of something that benefits you and be thankful for it. If you are in this state, it is hard for you to be negative or even think of negative things. But this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the bad things in life. Using a gratitude journal, you take note of the things that you want to be thankful for at the end of your day.  This will get you into habit of looking for things to be thankful for.


2. Keep a victory journal. A victory journal is almost similar to gratitude journal but instead of things that you have to be thankful for, try to take down what went well for you at the end of each day. This will get you the feeling of being victorious every day.


3. Meditate. Have a time for you to meditate and relax for a while.

have a positive attitude


4. Visualize positive outcomes. Try to see the bright side in everything that you do. Although it doesn’t mean that you have to forget the bad ones but it is good to start your day with good. Keep positive outcomes in your head as it will direct you throughout your day.


5. Play. Take time to play if your days are getting hard for you. Play if you want to get rid of your stress. Stress is a primary day-destroyer and playing a game or taking a break can get you out of stress. Try going outdoors or do extreme sports. That will keep you motivated for a while.


6. Improve your health. It is hard to stay positive if you’re body doesn’t agree with you. Eat healthily, get your daily exercise, and have enough rest.


7. Read positive messages daily. Subscribe to some free daily positive emails. You’ll have plenty of those in some social networking sites like Facebook. Try not to ignore these messages, they help sometimes.


8. Try to keep your exposure to negativity to minimum. If you’re hearing negative messages from media, don’t watch, don’t listen, and take only positive messages. Negative messages attract negative vibes and you don’t want that.


9. Adjust your posture. Stand straight, smile, and breathe deeply.


10. Keep a tab about your emotions. Negative emotions might be unavoidable in some cases but the best way to keep your cool is to minimize negative emotions. Try not to burst out in anger instead cool down and manage the pressure. It is easier said than done but this helps a lot.


11. Hang out with positive people just like yourself. Try to be with the same positive community will strengthen your positive way of thinking.

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