How to Acquire Self-Confidence

Posted by admin | On: Aug 30 2011

how to acquire self confidenceAre you having problems with your insecurities that you can’t find a way to be confident? Do you feel ashamed? Building up self-confidence can’t be done overnight but if you want to know how to acquire self-confidence, then follow this steps for you to gain self-confidence.

Gaining self-confidence starts with little or no self-confidence at all. There are people who are really suffering from lack of self-confidence resulting to poor performance and adaptation into the society. To start building up your self-confidence, you should:

1. Recognize your insecurities – What makes you lose your confidence? What are those things you are ashamed of? This could be anything from deformed body parts, acne, past event that turned you into an embarrassment icon, friends, or your family.  Whatever those things that make you feel unworthy, ashamed and inferior; identify it. Do something like write these problems in a piece of paper, swear a positive oath that will gain your confidence, and tear that paper into bits to start feeling positive. That might sound ridiculous but it helps gaining your self-confidence and positivity.

2. Share it with friends or loved ones – You must not bear this burden alone. Try to talk about with your friends, family, or loved ones. Have as much confidence as you can while you’re talking to them. Get to the root of the problem, understand it, and have a couple of advises from friends, family, or loved ones. By doing these, you tend to accept yourself, your past, and your circumstances, without feeling too ashamed or thinking those as the worst thing ever happened to your life. Also, you will gain confidence because there are people around you who accepted and understood your situation as you shared and talked about it with someone.

Feel Good 3. Look good in Appearance – Clothes doesn’t define a man but looking sharp and good make you gain self-confidence. Try to buy new clothes. People are conscious about their physical appearance. When you start to look good, your mind changes the way you carry yourself and the way you interact with people. Stand straight, heads up, smile, and project a good posture. In this way, you are ready to face the world without the trace of shame and insecurity in your sleeve. Be active. Walk faster, be energetic, and always try to do something worthwhile that will make you feel more important.

compliment other people4. No one is perfect – Don’t push yourself to be perfect because this will only pull you down. Gratitude is a very important trait that you need to have to gain self-confidence. Be happy and thankful of those things that you have. Remember that there are lots of unfortunate people that are hoping to have your place. So each day, keep thanking and be grateful of those things that you have and try not to push hard for those that you have not.

5. Compliment other people – When we think about our insecurities, we often project the feeling of negativity towards other people. Then we make this into a form of gossip and insults. We need to break this cycle of negativity. Compliment and look the best into others. Befriend them and refuse to create gossips and insults. Through this, you will become liked and you will easily know how to acquire self-confidence by looking the best in others. It will eventually bring out the best in you.

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