How to Achieve your Goals

Posted by admin | On: Aug 22 2011

Goal SettingIn everything that we do, we are always subject to self improvement. And we also tend to be productive to ourselves that is why we set goals. Setting goals allows us to have an aim of something that we desire. To achieve your goals, you need to aim carefully, do things systematically, and of course; you compare results. A real goal is defined as;

Something that you want – if you want to achieve certain goals in life, be sure it is the real goal that you really want to achieve. You confuse yourself with the things that you want for an hour but then reject it after a while makes this goal unachievable. Try to convince yourself to really want what you want. Ask yourself these questions, “Do I want this? Is this what I really want to achieve?” Don’t be a farmer if you hate farming.

Realistic and Achievable – a goal is always realistic. Setting a goal that is way too impossible to achieve doesn’t suffice the every effort that you made. For example, getting to the gym everyday hoping to have an Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle bunks won’t get you any closer to this type of goal. Instead of killing yourself to have a super buffed body which requires genetics for it, why not set your goal into an achievable one like having a 6-pack abs in two months. Setting an achievable goal will keep you motivated at all times.

goal settingSomething that you can measure – When planning a goal, the progress must be measurable for you to be able to compare the results. You must be able to know if you are getting closer or not making any progress at all. In losing weight, you can easily compare the results if you can see it. You will never know if you had lost 30 pounds or gained another 60 pounds if you don’t measure it. If you want to measure your endurance, try to set your capabilities as your standard. If you are able to run half a mile without experiencing fatigue, then try to run for a mile and see the difference.

Goals have deadlines – You can’t take goals seriously without a deadline; even your boss does have one for you. No matter how hard or easy your goal is if it doesn’t have a deadline, you can’t see its true potential. Deadlines make these goals interesting and effective as well. A good goal requires a deadline making time a valuable entity in your everyday life. Let’s take weight loss as an example. If you don’t set a deadline for yourself, you won’t take this goal seriously. You will just end up doing everything that you want to do without making this goal a primary concern since it doesn’t have a proper deadline. Goals are effective if taken seriously at a certain point in time.

Some goals are classified whether it is long term or short term goals. But either way, the point is still that all goals have deadlines. To achieve your goals, there’s a lot to be done and you must have motivation to get yourself going.


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